Keyfood Fresh

About Us

This is our story…

It all started as a dream, the dream of a young immigrant who with a lot of vision and little money decided to open a food store. It was a small, family-run place that sold basic necessities, coffee, and one or two typical sweets for the children of the community; there, in that small shop, it was discovered how a simple tamarind sweet or a coffee with milk could cause a huge smile on the face of a young mother nostalgic for her country and at the same time served as a bridge for her to make known to her children a little piece of the land where she came from.

This image of providing food to the Latino, Hispanic, Caribbean and beyond communities became a mission, to bring people who missed their countries closer to those products and services that would connect them with their families.

However, the dream did not stop there, decided with love, tireless work and the support of the whole family, the small store will become a dream supermarket to serve the various communities.

The Key Food Hollywood supermarket is a warm and familiar service space, where every day two generations of the same family and countless partners and co-workers live for a single purpose: Provide exceptional customer service as a lifestyle.