Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of Cuba with this traditional Lechon Asado recipe by Key Food Hollywood. Known for its rich flavors and festive spirit, Cuban Lechon Asado is not just a dish; it’s a celebration of culture and tradition. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the process of making this iconic Cuban dish, highlighting key ingredients and cooking techniques that make it a true culinary delight.


The Essence Of Cuban Lechon Asado

Lechon Asado, or Cuban roast pork, is a staple in Cuban cuisine, especially during holidays and special occasions. The secret to its delectable flavor lies in the marinade and slow roasting process, which results in tender, juicy meat with a crisped, flavorful skin.


Selecting The Perfect Pork

The journey to a perfect Lechon Asado begins with selecting the right cut of pork. A whole pig is traditionally used, but for a home kitchen, a pork shoulder or leg works wonderfully. Look for a piece with a good balance of meat and fat to ensure succulence.


The Magic Of Mojo Marinade

The heart of Lechon Asado’s flavor is the Mojo marinade. This fragrant mixture is made with sour orange juice, garlic, oregano, and cumin, infused with the warmth of olive oil. If sour oranges are unavailable, a mix of fresh orange and lime juice can be used as a substitute.


Marinating To Perfection

For the best results, marinate the pork for at least 12 hours, or even better, overnight. This allows the meat to absorb all the flavors deeply, making it more flavorful and tender. Ensure the pork is well-coated with the marinade and stored in a refrigerated area during this process.


Slow Roasting: The Key To Tenderness

Lechon Asado requires slow roasting for several hours. Traditionally, it’s cooked over an open fire, but you can use an oven for a more practical approach. Roast the pork at a low temperature to ensure it cooks evenly, becoming tender and juicy.


Basting For Flavor

Basting the pork with its juices during the roasting process is crucial. It not only adds flavor but also prevents the meat from drying out. Regular basting is the secret to achieving that desirable crispy skin.


Serving Your Lechon Asado

Once the pork is cooked to perfection, let it rest before carving. Serve it with traditional sides like black beans and rice, yuca, or plantains. The combination of flavors will transport you to the lively streets of Havana.


Pairing With Drinks

Complement your Lechon Asado with a classic Cuban mojito or a refreshing glass of sangria. The balance of flavors will enhance the dining experience, making it memorable.


Conclusion: Celebrate With Cuban Lechon Asado

Making Lechon Asado is more than preparing a meal; it’s about bringing a piece of Cuban heritage into your home. Whether for a special occasion or a weekend feast, this traditional Cuban recipe promises to be a hit.

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