Keyfood Fresh


Guarina Saladitas Cookies (12 CT)

These crispy cookies are a delicious snack that combines sweet and salty perfectly. Perfect for enjoying at any time of the day.

Baldom Ranchero Sazón Seasoning/Liquid (2)

The authentic Dominican seasoning in liquid format that will make your dishes taste like mom’s. Add a Caribbean touch to your meals.

Guarinas de Leche Sweet Crackers (7.4 oz)

These milk cookies are irresistibly tender and sweet. Ideal for accompanying your coffee or tea.

La Lechera Flan de Leche (155 gr)

Experience the delight of a Dominican milk flan with the quality of La Lechera. An authentic masterpiece.

Pure Vainilla White (16 oz) and Pure Vainilla Black (16 oz)

Our pure vanillas are the very essence of quality and flavor. Add a touch of authenticity to your desserts.

Dulceria Rodriguez Bandeja Jalao (10 oz)

Jalao is a traditional Dominican sweet that combines coconut, honey, and sesame seeds in an irresistible mix. A pleasure for the palate.

Vive 100 Guarana Energy Drink (500 ml)

Energize your day with this refreshing and flavorful beverage. Guarana will give you the boost you need.

Rodriguez Dulceria Cocada Tray (6 oz)

Cocada is a Dominican classic. These delicious coconut bars are ideal for satisfying your sweet cravings.

Dulceria Rodriguez Dulce de Leche (9 oz)

and Dulce de Coco y Leche: These sweets are pure indulgence. Enjoy the creaminess and authentic flavor of milk and coconut.

Galletas Dino Vainilla (12 PK 20.31 oz) and Chocolate

Dino cookies are a classic in the Dominican Republic. Perfect for accompanying your snack or breakfast.

Dulceria Rodriguez Peanuts (3 oz)

Looking for a salty and crunchy snack? These peanuts are ideal for snacking between meals.

Princesa Club Crackers (10.78 oz) and Integral Club Crackers

These crackers are versatile and perfect for accompanying your favorite cheeses and dips. A healthier option, integral ones are ideal for those looking for a nutritious alternative.

Rica Listamilk Whole Milk (32 oz)

Enjoy authentic Dominican milk in its purest form. Rich and creamy, perfect for your recipes and drinks.

Dulce de Coco (5 oz)

This coconut sweet is a small piece of tropical paradise. It will satisfy your craving for something sweet and exotic.

Dulceria Rodriguez Dulce de Naranja (9 oz)

This orange sweet is an explosion of citrusy and sweet flavor. Perfect for spreading on bread or cookies.

Dona Gallina 72 Caps (792g)

This blend of spices and seasonings, known as “Dona Gallina,” is essential in Dominican cuisine. It adds flavor and authenticity to your dishes. A true delight for cooking.

Dulceria Rodriguez Dulce de Guayaba (9 oz)

Guava is a tropical fruit that transforms into a delicious sweet in this presentation. This guava sweet is a true treasure. Enjoy the natural and unique sweetness of guava in every bite.

D’Kalidad Valdez Orange (20 oz)Z

This orange juice offers you the refreshing taste of Dominican oranges. Perfect for accompanying your meals or enjoying it on its own, it’s pure Dominican flavor in a bottle. Refreshing and natural, it’s perfect for starting your day.